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€ 10.000
€ 15.290
122 Co-financiers
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    Gratitude on social networks

    Thanks on social networks

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    You will be part of a network of Birds of Plantamor

    You will be part of a *network of Birds of Plantamor, who will be kept informed of the evolution of the project via a newsletter.

    • Thanks on social networks
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  • Contributing € 20

    Voucher for 1 workshop to choose at Plantamor

    Voucher for 1 workshop to choose at Plantamor during 2024.

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  • Contributing € 25

    Evening + documentary in the Finca!

    Come join us in Plantamor for the evening to watch the documentary about the history of Plantamor!
    There will also be some snacks.

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  • Contributing € 40

    Therapeutic session

    A space to share your fragments, voices and parts.
    A space where you can reflect on and benefit from what I mirror in you.
    A meeting to investigate how you look at life, understanding the relationship that your way of seeing reality has with external events you live

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  • Contributing € 50

    Visit Plantamor

    Visit Plantamor with a companion and receive a guided tour of the land. Eat and spend the day with us (These visits will be organized in 2024)

    • Zoom session with co-founder Isa and entry into a prize draw for a therapy session with Isa
    • Thanks on social networks + Membership of the Little Birds of Plantamor network and newsletter

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  • Contributing € 80

    Free entry to the project launch party

    Free entry to the project launch party (Date TBC)

    Featuring a live concert from Arife (Canary band) and more surprises…

    • Guided tour of Plantamor + Thanks on social networks + Membership of the Little Birds of Plantamor network and newsletter

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    Benefic Ceremony Plantamor

    If you would like to connect with this land on another level of consciousness and help make this dream a permanent reality...
    Come and fly with us.

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  • Contributing € 120

    BONUS for 1 individual online accompaniment session

    Online accompaniment session with Co-founder Isa or Online Wellness session with Laura

    Co-Founder Zoom Session + Entry to Launch Party + Guided tour of Plantamor + Thanks on social networks + Membership of the Little Birds of Plantamor network and newsletter

    Accompaniment with Isa: A space to share your fragments, voices and parts. A space where you can reflect on and benefit from what I mirror in you. A meeting to investigate how you look at life, understanding the relationship that your way of seeing reality has with external events.

    Wellbeing with Laura: A session to welcome all of your being into presence and to start feeling belonging and acceptance for all that is present. A moment of conversation with your inner self, meeting with parts of you that have been longing for your attention. A session to reestablish the connection of your mind, body and soul, connect with your inner wisdom and involve your nervous system in healing.

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  • Contributing € 150

    “De-construction” session with Isa

    In-person and practical workshop where through bioconstruction we will also work on our interior, the structures and beliefs of “who we are.”

    Co-Founder Zoom Session + Entry to Launch Party + Guided tour of Plantamor + Thanks on social networks + Membership of the Little Birds of Plantamor network and newsletter

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  • Contributing € 200

    “PRISMA” meeting with Isa and Javi (1 session in Plantamor + 1 video call integration session)

    PRISMA is a space where you can practice a new way of seeing things, a paradigm shift in which the external is presented as a reflection of the internal. In this meeting Isa and Javi share this empowering perspective by proposing exercises to put this taking of responsibility into action. The objective is to be able to accompany you in the application of this new vision and interpretation of your reality.

    Co-Founder Zoom Session + Entry to Launch Party + Guided tour of Plantamor + Thanks on social networks + Membership of the Little Birds of Plantamor network and newsletter

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  • Contributing € 250

    Plantamor Visit with accommodation

    Get to know our land and stay for one night with your companion, with meals included, a welcome talk with Isa, a guided tour and presentation of the project.

    Online session with Isa to integrate the experience

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  • Contributing € 300

    Access to Exclusive Plantamor Weekend Retreat: “Cultivating your interior”.

    A weekend to reconnect with your true internal rhythm, with your purpose and your innate capacity to be. Through group proposals and also spaces within which to meet yourself, we invite you on this journey of self-discovery and healing. In addition to accomodation and meals, this reward includes:

    Family constellation with Isa

    Percussion in nature session in the Achacay valley next to Plantamor guided by Tomas

    Musical expression by the bonfire

    Group Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)

    Individual integration session at the end

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  • Contributing € 500

    Accommodation and participation at our next Intensive Week / Co-creator Week

    The co-financiers of this phase may be the first to participate with accomodation and food included for 5 days.

    Includes individual welcome session and final integration session.

    An extra 4 workshop vouchers to be used in 2024

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  • Contributing € 700

    Artistic Residency Weekend at Plantamor for two people

    We support your creative process for a weekend, whatever that may be, in addition to accommodation and food, we include:

    Exploration and enquiry session and final integration session with Isa

    Use of common spaces

    Movement and creation session with Laura

    Flower bath

    Creative manifestation sessions (Creating clay symbols)

    Percussion in nature session in the Achacay valley next to Plantamor guided by Tomas

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  • Contributing € 1.000

    Project Incubator Weekend

    Come to Plantamor with the group of people with whom you want to form your project (Up to 5 people in total) to spend a weekend in full immersion in nature, creative activities and proposals where we will share our path and propose workshops in which to delve deeper into your common connection, creating safe spaces for listening and truth, a space for cohesion, celebration and art.

    5-8 people / weekend, meals and accommodation included

    Aportar desgrava: aporta 1000€ y Hacienda te devuelve 417,5€. Pagarás sólo 582,5€!
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About this project

Support the creation of our lifeschool, a place to create experiences of community, sustainable living and personal growth

Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Tercio del total del terreno
Parte del terreno donde vamos a crear nuestra escuela de vida Plantamor
€ 10.000
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Costes Goteo
Las comisiones de goteo y visa son un 5,8% de lo que logremos conseguir.
€ 870
Inversión en audiovisuales, marketing y creación de futura página web
Energía puesta en la campaña, realización del documental y vídeo corto e ilustraciones de David Alavida
€ 2.200
Construcción cocina común cocreadores
Mano de obra para construcción de domo/espacio común para escuela de vida/centro de visitas en la parte destinada al proyecto
€ 720
Inversión en curso de facilitación de grupos
Apoyar la realización de un curso en facilitación para la cofundadora Isa
€ 500
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Inversión estudio música
Para grabar nuestro arte y con ello seguir lanzando nuestras semillas y mensajes
€ 1.000
Total € 10.000 € 15.290

General information

We planted our first seed 5 years ago. Until now we have been a community, a space for coexistence, a home, and a network of people going through a search and an encounter, with themselves, with community and with nature.

The land where we settled had been abandoned for 30 years. It was lent to us by its owner for the first 2 years and in these last 3 years we have paid for the part of the land on which we have built our homes.

We are carrying out this crowdfunder to raise funds to buy the land where we want to create a school of life to be able to share and apply everything we have learned during this time.

Until now, our dynamic has been changing, and our proposal was to discover in an experimental way what Plantamor is and how we want to function. The purchase of the land is giving us the opportunity to specify the purpose and define the service we want to offer to the world.

We have understood that to provide our service honestly, it is important to be clear about our limits. In this last year we have felt the need to separate the service we offer from our homes, designing the "Plantamor CoCreation Intensive Weeks" to offer ours service in a more organized and concise way. Thus we have found the balance between being open in the periods in which we are really available, and being closed in the moments when it is necessary to prioritize and respect our internal group or individual process.

The purchase of the land will continue to give shape and body to that separation by dividing the land into two parts, two thirds corresponding to our own living space, designated to the families that live here, our co-living space that we have already been buying together as a group, and one third destined for Plantamor as a project and socio-cultural association, which is the part we are crowdfunding for.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

  • To encourage positive action and raise awareness about the need to live in more sustainable ways, by using renewable energy, management of grey water systems, composting waste through dry toilets, etc.

  • To continue the lengthy process of making this arid land an oasis where you can learn and implement soil regeneration. To be a living example of a form of peaceful struggle in which we protect our land and specifically this island, through inhabiting it sustainably.

  • To promote tolerance and inclusion by being a motor of social change. Living in a group allows us to experience ourselves from a greater range of perspectives, realities, opinions and dynamics. This offers us the possibility of both learning and sharing new ways of being, doing, thinking and living, helping us to value and promote differences and human diversity.

  • To be a cultural center that promotes the integration of art in life, where through various artistic proposals we create enriching inter-generational encounters that can be experienced by all.

  • To create a bridge between rural areas and cities. We want to include and feel included by our environment. We want to participate in rural life and for people from the town to also join our proposals. Through our invitational gatherings we want to make the transition to these lifestyles friendly and accessible. Through our Cultural Association we want to propose projects to the city council where we can access more spaces in which we can share encounters with our local town and its inhabitants.

  • To integrate into daily life a therapeutic relationship by creating an environment where each person can observe their judgments, automatic reactions, and childhood wounds, amongst other things. We create spaces where we feel safe to share and communicate our feelings and internal processes, thus undoing projections about the other and allowing ourselves to be truly seen as we are. To the extent that we learn to accept ourselves, we can accept others. Through these processes, the aim is to dissolve artificial distance and separation between individuals, so that we can discover the lost essence of tribe.

To promote spaces, circles and sessions where we empower, share and develop our vision for manifesting dreams and projects. To serve as a springboard for those who want to develop and lead their own vision. To provide a setting where we understand and value what it means to sustain a collective human project. To serve as an inspiration, and impulse and an incubator for those who want to go out in search of their own space and people with whom to create their new project.

To be a part of a network of associations and community land projects where we feel the support of a larger collective fabric of support that collaborates with knowledge, resources and guidance.

img-8508.jpg img-9354.jpg img-8361.jpg

Why this is important

  • We believe that offering our Co-Creation week experiences in our school of life is important because in modern society there are many people interested in changing lifestyle but they often don't know where to start.
  • We want to keep learning, recovering and sharing the wisdom of living and managing ourselves as a group.
  • We believe in the need to stay connected to nature to take care of it and ourselves.
  • We believe that bringing back cooperation and trust in others is a catalyst for personal and social change.

We believe that the coexistence experiences we offer create safe spaces where we can restore that lost relational identity, thus beginning a journey of reconciliation with many aspects of ourselves.

This is our story and our experience, our hope is that it serves as useful and inspirational. For a more complete vision… Watch our documentary (released on 25th November)!

The first seed of our project was born on a 7 month journey that Plantamor’s co-founders Isa and Clara took along the west coast of Africa. There, the seed was imbued with the value of the tribe and of mutual support. Its bearers dreamed of one day being mothers and of the desire to offer their little ones a life immersed in nature, a life shared with other families and people connected to their passions and talents.

They felt the importance of this mission, and of manifesting a piece of land where they could welcome and accompany people who also wanted to surrender deeply to the processes of self-discovery and healing that come with remembering that you are part of nature and committing to a common intention.

They found this arid land in the southwest of Tenerife and its owner Loli, who lent it to us for two years because she resonated with their desires and dreams. The magic of trust guided them to this farm with views of the expansive ocean, with an immense starry sky, and a confronting wind to which they said YES, taking this leap into the void...

Without water, electricity, or housing, they lived a first stage very similar to the experience they had had in Senegal, living day to day, sleeping in tents, cooking together over the fire and cooperating in general for small missions that covered basic needs such as water and the building of shelter.

They began to invite more people to join them and as the evolving group learnt to meet their most basic needs, the project grew and grew. We now find ourselves with the energy and motivation to truly shoot our arrow, take charge of our values, apply them, and create efficient systems to spread and share them.

To all those:

  • Who see themselves as drops of water in an immense ocean, capable of transmitting and creating changes in their environment.
  • Who recognize the importance of manifesting their dreams and purposes in life.
  • Who want to support projects that are rooted in human values.
  • Who love, want to care for, and feel a part of nature on this beautiful planet.
  • Who believe that life, culture and education can be integrated in nature.
    …You are with us.
dji-0111.jpg img-9375.jpg img-9596.jpg

Team and experience

Co-founder, dreamer and bearer of this seed that from the beginning felt like a destiny to which I could only say “Yes”. I dreamed of creating a place where I could integrate and live all my parts and passions…
My therapist part (Graduated in Psychology and trained in Family Constellation therapy)
My parenting and alternative education part (Dara's mother and co-creator of the “MiTribu Parenting Space”)
My artist part that finds in singing a tool for liberation and expression of what is authentic in me (currently a singer in local Canary band Arife)
My land, community and tribe focused part (born and raised in Zimbabwe, southern Africa).
My bio-construction part that I have discovered thanks to Plantamor and the creation of my nest, a cave house where I gave birth and raised Dara

To find out more, you can watch this interview with PeaceLoveAndOm

A key member of Plantamor since 2021, Tomas is Isa's brother and has supported the project since its inception, when he still lived in London. After several stays at Plantamor between 2018 and 2021, I decided to join the project and establish myself as a member. In London, I had founded and led Football Beyond Borders, an NGO that uses football to support the education of young people in schools. It is a project that I still love, but when the pandemic hit I realized that daily life in the city was no longer for me. Finally, I decided to listen to the voice in me that asked me to live in connection with nature and be closer to my family in Tenerife. I have known for a long time that I loved the Plantamorian collective art, therapy and sustainability project, and I am very glad to have been able to contribute my ideas to help shape the project. I have learned a lot about myself living here, and I have also learned many things that living in a city, I had not had the opportunity to learn. One of my key roles at Plantamor is usually organizing and facilitating the co-creation intensive weeks, being aguide to the space, and being a bridge between people from different cultures, since I speak four languages. Among other things, I love running percussion sessions in nature in the Achacay valley next to Plantamor.

Initially joined the project back in 2018, supporting and co-creating the vision of living alternatively on the land. Olek occupies the more practical roles of maintenance and improvement of facilities within the project. Olek is a performer and facilitator dedicated to the study of the art of movement and physical interaction between humans. He continues to pursue sharing his movement practices of Acrobatics, contact improvisation and circus through different events and workshops.

I joined the project in 2022, and until then I lived in Madrid studying and developing my sensitivity and artistic tools, mainly of the photographic and cinematographic type. Escaping the city, I traveled looking for the human and artistic factor, attracted to and loving the anthropological processes of groups of people, and therefore my own. I stopped escaping when I found Plantamor. It’s a place where I try, just as in this text, to observe, through art and relationships, who I am at each stage of my life. I am also the guy behind the camera

Living in Plantamor since 2019, I met my partner there and built my house, where I gave birth to my son, Noah, and I continue to grow there in one of the most transformative co-created experiences of my life. Canarian traveler, psychologist and rural artist, I sing and write as therapy and support others on their paths to self-expression. Right now I’m creating a space that will allow me to share what I create with my hands, my crafts and fabrics, which I hope to share soon. My partner and I bought a piece of land in Gran Canaria where today @Fincadama is growing as a sustainable project that promotes a connection to nature. Plantamor is and has been a constant challenge for me but one of those that hugs your heart and pushes you a little closer to who you are. The garden, the houses, motherhood, relationships, provide a setting to get to know and recognize each other as a constantly growing group. For me this project is about resilience, learning and cooperation

I was on a long journey traveling until I arrived at Plantamor at the end of 2019. What started as a travel journey has continued as a journey of building my own family and tribe. With Miryam we built our house at Plantamor and she gave birth inside it, which is an unforgettable experience that will be attached to this project for life. After two years and a lot of emotional processes I felt I needed tostart my own creation that is not influenced by so many group decisions. Right now I am co creating with Miryam our project called @fincadama in the south of Gran Canaria where I feel empowered and satisfied. Also on a piece of land next to Plantamor which some friends bought we are creating and building a space for sustainable lifestyle. I love to build with natural materials and I am constantly learning through practice and studying with others. I offer workshops for learning about using clay and building with different resources that you can find around. For me Plantamor changed my life a lot and I trust it will change other people's lives too.

Starting my nomad travels I was welcomed by Plantamor and invited into cocreation of a space of community and co-living around and with nature. I have been part of the early days of the project and I came back in 2021 to live here, preparing a nest for me and my family to be in. This is the space in which I am living and sharing now together with my little daughter Thea. I am a Mindfulness practitioner and guide, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coach, Somatic coach, dancer and contact improvisation facilitator, artist, mother and community builder. I propose workshops, practices and programs through which we train the quality of presence, as the first step in development of relationships with others and with life. I guide movement workshops as a place of authentic connection and expression. I trust and believe that we are living in critical times which is so important to stay connected with each other and with nature, where care, support and love should be social values.


Japanese/Italian traveler and dreamer, I first found Plantamor in 2020 while traveling in a caravan. I connected with this tribe and this farm, and in 2022, I officially committed and created my space. I am an experimenter and inventor, and I love to find solutions and implement reality by taking small steps forward. For several years, I have been in love with bioconstruction and have experimented with building different things. I like to work very hard in different areas, and I love to play and enjoy my time with others even more. I believe that play is an important component for the harmony of a group and in the life of each of us, which is why I like to facilitate the creation of play spaces. I am a professional cook and have worked with different food truck companies and catering events. I love to cook for others and see their happy and satisfied faces. I am at Plantamor from October until spring, when I return to the continent to work and enjoy different realities. Every time I return, I do so with many hopes and ideas.


I'm a nomadic soul, born in this life in a country called France, where I grew up both well and badly (rather badly...) and where, in order to survive, I had to learn very early to silence my suffering and repress within myself a rainbow of emotions that were completely legitimate !
My parents, both well versed in the world of psychology, passed on to me their interest in this discipline which I studied for 3 long years on the benches of university... Years which unfortunately did not bring me much... because it was very far from what I was really looking for... inside me...

And so I continued to look outside for what I couldn't find inside...
Firstly in the Cévennes where I discovered an alternative way of living and immersed myself in the world of permaculture, plants, manual arts and African music, while occasionally participating in the organization of festivals and alternative events...
Later in India and Nepal where I experienced my first cultural shock and my first spiritual impulses whilst surrounded by the Himalayas...
Then whilst going to live in the Canaries and Hungary where I could finally sit within myself and feel free from thoughts for the first time after meditating and practicing “full-awareness” for months and months with David, my beloved friend and master...

And then 3 years ago I had my first plantamorian experience... After the cultural shock of India came the community shock! An adventure which was challenging in many ways but also deeply inspiring and uplifting ! and which, I only now understand, gave me the strength and the desire to free myself, to stand up and to continue working in this mad world !

Yes Plantamor strengthened my confidence in my own potential and it now offers me a chance to show and share it in multiple ways such as gardening, permaculture, eco-building, astrology, tarot reading, psychomagical acts, adventures in the inner worlds, music, dance, cinema, poetry... in summary, all those things from life that are close to my heart and that still make me wake up early every morning... and generally in a rather good mood! Ready to celebrate Life one more day, braving the beast and embracing the best !

Finally for me, if Plantamor was a path, it would be the one that goes from outer abandon to inner abundance !


Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Good Health and Well-Being

    Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

  • Quality Education

    Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

  • Affordable and Clean Energy

    Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity.

  • Reduced Inequalities

    To reduce inequalities, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

    There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

    Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Climate Action

    Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

  • Life On Land

    Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss

  • Partnerships for the Goals

    Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development