Asociación Terapia Ecuestre Pegaso

Navahondilla, Ávila, España
Finished 14 / 09 / 2017
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€ 2.700
€ 11.300
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Participation draw horse route for two people
Participation in the drawing of a horse route for two people in the surroundings. The draw will be celebrated coinciding with the end of the first round of the campaign.
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Handmade pen with your name
Ballpoint pen decorated with your name
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Handmade ball pen with your name + Participation draw horse ride for two people
Ballpoint pen decorated with your hand-knotted name + Participation in the drawing of a horse route for two people in the surroundings.
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Pegasus T-Shirt
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Horseback riding
Horse riding around
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Horse Route + Pegasus T-Shirt
Horse riding in the surroundings + Exclusive t-shirt of the project serigrafiada artisanal
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Equestrian Therapy Session
A session of Therapy with one of our horses for you or for the person that you want to invite directed by one of our professionals.
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Equestrian Therapy Session + Pegasus T-Shirt
Therapy session with one of our horses for you or for the person you want to invite + Pegaso T-shirt serigrafiada artisan.
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Abstract acrylic painting by local artist
Unique painting done in abstract style acrylic technique by author Ian Matte.
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Horse route for two people full day
Horse route for two people of approximately 8 hours that includes visit to the Botanical Garden of the Adrada.
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Horse riding two people two days + Accommodation
Horse route for two people of two days + lodging and full board in the Botanical Garden of the Adrada
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Group visit to our center with sessions and activities
Group visit of a maximum of 10 people to the center that includes session of equestrian therapy and environmental activities: ecological orchard, identification of birds ...
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About this project

Therapies with horses for people with special needs
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Wheelchair ramp construction
Construction of ramp and platform for wheelchair to be able to raise the horse from the chair.
€ 500
Riding track construction to carry out the therapies
Contracting machinery to move the ground
€ 500
Service adapted for wheelchairs
Installation of adapted toilet for wheelchairs prefabricated or construction of dry water.
€ 2.000
Construction Shed
Construction of a shed so that horses can take refuge from the inclement weather
€ 2.000
Material Minimum Optimum
Land for the riding trail
Three sand trucks to fill the riding trail
€ 1.500
All-terrain vehicle + secondhand trailer
All-terrain vehicle with segundamano trailer to transport water and food (hay) to the farms where we have horses
€ 3.000
Task Minimum Optimum
Additional costs: commissions and other expenses derived from the campaign
Crowdfunding platform commissions, bank fees, rewards-related expenses
€ 200
Subsidy therapy for people without financial resources
Grant for 30 people without resources of a therapy with one of our horses.
€ 1.000
Additional costs: commissions and other expenses derived from the campaign.
Additional costs: crowdfunding platform commission, bank commissions. Derived revenue from rewards.
€ 600
Total € 2.700 € 11.300

General information

The Pegaso Equestrian Therapy Association has been born with the main objective of favoring a harmonious relationship with the horses to provide a better quality of life for the participants, since through these animals we can free ourselves from our own internal conflicts, in addition to being able to improve the physical, psychological or social problems that we may suffer.

The sessions are carried out "feet to ground" and mounted by a multidisciplinary team of professionals (physiotherapist, psychologist, social educator, etc.), depending on the pathology of the participant will work one professional or another.

The horses that work with us become co-therapists, so they have to be re-educated to be able to trust in humans and work without fear, this is why we follow principles of natural dressage.
Our way of relating to the horse differs from the traditional approach that sees the horse as a work, or a sport tool, we see what they can offer us specially at an emotional level.

We are in a rustic area of ​​great natural beauty on the banks of the Tietar Valley in the province of Avila,Spain.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Equestrian therapy or equine therapy is a comprehensive and complementary form of rehabilitation, education and socialization for people with physical, psychological and social needs. The unique benefits offered by the horse against other therapies are:

● The transmission of body heat from the body of the horse to the rider. The habitual temperature of the horse is of 38ºC, being able to reach the 38,8ºC once exercised. This helps to relax and distend the spastic muscles.

● The transmission of rhythmic pulses. Through its back, the horse transmits between 90 and 110 rhythmic impulses to the rider's body that stimulate equilibrium reactions and produce a pleasant rocking sensation, which helps to relax the rider both psychically and emotionally.

● The transmission of a locomotion pattern similar to that of human gait. The biomechanics of the passage of the horse is similar to that of people; By means of the equitation it is transmitted that movement to the pelvis of the rider, obtaining the feeling of being seated. A series of three-dimensional oscillations such as forward and backward, elevation, descent and displacement are recorded in the brain and are automated over time.

● Binomial man-horse. The communication that is established between the rider and the horse is based on the primary communication that is mainly affective, which stimulates self-esteem and confidence in oneself.

Objectives of equestrian therapies

● Improve muscle tone.
● Mobilize the spine and pelvic joints.
● Facilitate the balance and maintenance of the upright trunk.
● Increase elasticity, agility and muscular strength.
● Inhibition of tonic reflexes and associated movements.
● Promote the acquisition of laterality.
● Improve the perception of the corporal scheme (proprioception).
● Favor location in time and space.
● Allow coordination or dissociation of movements to work.
● Allow the integration of the gesture by understanding an order received or by imitation.
● Stimulate the circulatory, respiratory and even digestive system.

● Increase self-esteem and develop self-confidence.
● Stimulate concentration and attention.
● Improve memory.
● Stimulates communication and language.
● Develops group communication.

● Learning to care for horses
● Learn to lead the horse to the step, to the trot, to galloping within the possibilities of each user.

● Relate to people who do not belong to their family or school environment
● Create friendly relationships with peers
● Develop respect and love for animals
● Increase the number of experiences

Why natural dressage for horses?

The horses and ponies that participate in the PEGASO Equestrian Therapy Association are reeducated through a natural dressage in which the emotional, psychological and physical state of the horse is respected.
To work this dressage it is necessary to know them in order to understand them, for this we work "feet to ground" with each one of them to gain their confidence, we show them that if they trust us we will not cause them any harm, if they see us as a leader they will want to follow us and we can work with them in harmony and without having to dominate them by force or with traditional riding methods where painful utensils are used for the animal (snacks, spurs, whips, ...)

The way we teach horseback riding is based on a union where the person does not have body tension and can move freely feeling the animal, this will favor that no muscle pains occur in either the human or the equine.

The fact that our horses are in a loose herd in a meadow without stables allows them to have the necessary freedom so that they can establish social relations between them giving them an emotional tranquility essential for their well-being.

Why this is important

Users who seek the benefits of these therapies are children and adults with disorders such as:
● Psychic and emotional disturbances: autism, phobias, psychosis, schizophrenia, etc.
● Behavioral changes: aggression, nervousness, stress, shyness, etc.
● Spinal disorders: scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, ...
● Delay in development, learning problems, social maladjustment.
● Neurological dysfunctions with motor alterations: cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury.
● Various syndromes: Down Syndrome, Rett Syndrome.
● Sensory, visual, auditory and phonological problems.
● Problems arising from addictions
● Orthopedic problems: Postural alterations and deviations, balance deficits, joint degenerations, trauma sequelae, amputations, congenital deficiencies.
● Rheumatic pathologies: adult and child rheumatoid arthritis, gout.
● Respiratory problems: asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, surgical and / or traumatic sequelae.
● Geriatric problems: Parkinson's disease, senile dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.

Not only do we focus therapies on people with ailments but on anyone who seeks to feel better about themselves and their environment.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

We need social collaboration in order to start the equestrian therapy project with people with mobility problems. Currently we do not have the track and ramp necessaries to develop the sessions with these people and we can only work with people without mobility problems and performing sessions with the horses along the roads adjoining the farm.
We also do not have an adapted toilet for people who go in wheelchairs so we see the need to ask for this financial aid so that the participants of the therapies have these needs covered.
We would like to subsidize the therapies to those people of our surroundings with limited economic resources who could benefit from them.
On the other hand, at present our horses do not have more shelter against the inclemency of the weather than that provided by the trees, we would like to build a shed in the meadow where they stay where they could freely access.
We also need an off-road vehicle and trailer to bring water and food to the horses, the water is for the moment loaded in big bottles and hay alpacas are transported little by little in cars not really suitable for this end...
Finally, the donations would be susceptible of a charge in commissions, banking transactions, payment of taxes, etc ...

Team and experience


I'm Belén, I grew up in the city but since I can remember where I feel better is in nature and in the company of animals; it's still alive back in my three or four year old memories how I used to cry almost daily asking my parents to have a horse, living in a flat in the center of Madrid did not seem to be an impediment, it was a first floor and we had a patio...
Time went by and reality prevailed, but for years I kept dreaming asleep and awake that I galloped down the street in which my childhood run...

Being a child I had several opportunities to ride in the countryside and finally over the age of fifteen I began to dedicate my parents"pay" to receive riding lessons in an equestrian center, where I enjoyed as much being with the horses (brushing, caressing, cleaning stables ...) as riding.

In later years my traveling and restless spirit made me give many tumbles, but in the different places where I lived I did not stop seeking contact with these beautiful animals.

I enjoyed and learned especially from the relationship with Gozo, a horse that after many years without having been ridden was half-wild; we got to know each other little by little and without having any previous experience in dressage and letting myself be carried only by intuition I got him to trust me and finally he allowed to be mounted again. At this point I had the fortune to coincide with a man who is very sensitive to horses and with experience in natural dressage who helped me to continue advancing in this relationship.

And life took me through other paths ... But my inner voice kept telling me that I had to recover my childhood dream, I had been looking for the opportunity to train in animal therapies, particularly in equine therapy, for a few years. And then "causality" crossed me with Sonia and our dreams became one in this project!


I am Sonia, Technician in Sociocultural Animation and Monitor of Equestrian Therapies.

My journey with horses goes back to my childhood, always asked for my birthday gift to ride horses, I started to grant it when I was about 15 or 16 years old, it was such the joy that used to bring me, that since then I decided that in my life I would struggle to live with horses. I started to learn with traditional riding courses to know how to handle them and learn the cares they needed.

Years went by and I had my first chance to have my own horses. I still did not know much because you really learn something by being 100% with it. My first mare was the typical animal tamed based on fears and sticks, I was not able to ride on it without it galloping and unable to stop it. It was thanks to her that I began to see the world of riding from another angle, I tried to do what from traditional riding had taught me, with methods of domination where the horse would end up giving but that mare in his eyes told me that I could not Allow me that deal I contacted a Frenchman who worked the natural dressage and it was who gave me notions to act otherwise with my mare but I did not get any improvement so I gave it to him so that he could reeducate and be a fear-free animal.
The desire to live with horses made me decide to work in my own horseback riding, and it was here that I also fell into being in this world. I went to buy horses from a dealer who sold me the animals that nobody wanted for different reasons, or old or abandoned. I in my ignorance only saw beautiful animals that could be happy with me and I with them. Each of the 6 animals I bought taught me something. I am not a person to surrender and I got to learn to be part of his herd, I got them to trust in me and thus they were free of fears and mistreatment. I learned to handle them foot to land, to feed them and to mount them without embocadura and without violence, from the respect and the affection.

By personal circumstance I had to sell my animals to work for other equestrian and in them I started my training in equestrian therapies. I was amazed how through these animals could improve the quality of life of people with problems. The look of happiness that the horses caused them was incredible. I worked with autistic children, with kids with mental problems and also with the elderly.

But really where I saw the effect that horses can do to help people was in me, when I had a great depression and was the simple echo of being next to them, smelling and moving with them like one more in the herd, That made me so happy that I returned to have illusion for life. I could clearly see that the goal of my life was to give other people the opportunity to experience the gratifying experience of being with horses.

Later I had an accident riding on horseback where I thought I was paralyzed and the only thing that was in my mind was to ride again even if I could not walk, it was something that was marked inside. I have seen how people who go in wheelchairs get them on horseback and it's like walking back to them, even running, is the most beautiful freedom feeling I've observed.
For all this, I wanted to create a Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Center to give every disabled person the opportunity to relate to horses from respect and love.



I am Kike, my relationship with horses is relatively recent. While we all had a favorite animal in our childhood, mine was the dog. Classic, but despite this predilection, the wise men decided to bring me a matching horse with a Geyper Man. I remember that horse, which although it was not articulated, was nice. A brown specimen, with a white spot on the forehead. By then I must have been four or five years old.

The first time I was aware of what it meant to ride, it was on a trip with some friends to the wonderful islands. There, with the "unconsciousness" that the university years give you more fruit of the exaltation of friendship than maturity, I saw myself on a horse, beautiful, great, that the voice of its owner and moved by instinct Of herd, excited to follow the horse head of group, it began to gallop by a plain. In front of me, the sun went down.

Since then this animal, quadruped began to enter my life ... very slowly. Until 12 years ago, I left the city to go live in the Tiétar Valley. There, "like a wave", the horse showed me as a close animal, accessible, and so entered my life opening a whole world to explore.

First it was Tango, a peepy specimen, brave as he alone, who made me enter at a gallop lying in Hontanares, passing rivers, galloping, climbing hills and leaping gullies ...

The rides were short. I needed to know more about horses, how to take care of them, how to handle them ... and in Candeleda (Avila), I learned much of what I now know. Then came the days, months, and years with Estrella, a 6-year-old brown mare, better than bread, with whom I shared many hours, many days of cold, heat, and with which I really learned what care a horse. Many hours on the block gave Luna fruit.
Thanks to Estrella I have lived the best of experiences .... And it is to see as my daughter Eva, I enjoyed on her back. Walks, brushes ... Estrella has been and is a very special horse.

And one day, I read a post on the internet, which talked about equine therapy. And curiosity, which has always accompanied me in my life, made me inquire, and magic did the rest. Because at a party in San Agustín de Guadalix, while my nephew was running an athletic event, I met Felipe, and the stars did the rest. He had just completed the training in Riding Therapy in Madrid. My enthusiasm was more, I had the contact, the addresses, the schedules .... But all this came at the time. Because before I decided to travel, to cross the puddle, and to collaborate in Ecuador with a Foundation that realized Equestrian Therapies. For two months I lived, I learned, I cried and I laughed .. with a lot of good people ..

And from there I returned, and I enrolled in a course. I think that the desire and commitment are necessary, but more training is .. so I started to study and between physiotherapists and horses achieve my degree.
Today, even the horses are still knocking at my door. The last ones from PEGASO.
Belén and Sonia, have opened the way to create an Equestrian Therapy Center in the Tietar Valley. And they have given me the opportunity to collaborate with them. And I was delighted to continue to know and learn ...



I am, Eva, physiotherapist and lover of horses since I remember.

As a physiotherapist, I have been working with disabled people for more than 10 years, both physical, cognitive, intellectual and sensorial, as well as sports and clinical.

I have also carried out coordination work on a cooperation project for the implementation of therapies for children with disabilities in Morocco.

I think I was 10 years old when my wish to ride was fulfilled, and I did it on AKELA's legs, a mare that opened my eyes to this world that wanted to learn everything.

DESIRE, was the one in charge, and had the patience enough for it. Of course, the hand of a monitor who taught me the importance of good care and, why not, some good pampering.

A few years later, I found myself working on horseback riding while learning how special this world and these animals can be if you look at them with the correct eyes. It was a great fault, COWBOY, a horse with which I got a tremendous complicity almost with looking at us and it did not cease to amaze me.

A few years ago I volunteered at an equestrian center, where they performed equine therapy, and together with a psychologist and an occupational therapist, I discovered and showed all the benefits of the therapies, the work with horses and the good equipment that they form.

By "coincidences" of life, the Project that Bethlehem and Sonia had in their hands reached me and I did not hesitate to get in touch with them.

We share many ideas and motivations, but above all the love for these animals and a different way of treating them; As well as the objective of helping them with their help to discover all kinds of therapy and relationships with horses.

Social commitment