Goteo #174: After every fire... we sprout more united and stronger! ✊🔥

Increasingly powerful and raging fires 🔥, encouraged by a prolonged wave of heat and a strong wind, have already made a dent 😔 this summer in several areas of the country, especially in the Ribera de Ebro. Here it has devoured more than 6,000 hectares, being the first big fire of the summer season ☀, while forecasts are not flattering 🆘.

The #Climatic Change next to the #DepopulationRural are two factors that do not help and the solution goes through prevention, a sustained forest management avoiding that every summer our forests become a powder keg.

From Fundación Goteo, we support ✊ any initiative intended to prevent this situation, mitigate the damage and restore life to the affected areas.

In this newsletter we share with you three running campaigns which are asking for your collaboration to face this reality and save our forests before it is too late.

Rebrotem 💪🌱

On June 26, 2019, Ribera d'Ebre, Les Garrigues and Segrià suffered one of the most important forest fires of the last decades 🔥🔥🔥.

6,000 hectares of cultivated fields and forest have been devastated by the flames causing important losses both to the natural area and the soil, biodiversity, olive trees, vineyards and almond trees, as well as to the projects and dreams of the farmers and livestock owners, who live from their exploitations.

Rebrotem (#Sprout) platform wants to return life to the territory ✊🌱 after the forest fire and activate citizen solidarity. The goal is the creation of a common economic fund that can restore the rural ecosystem and initiate activities focused on reflection and reconstruction of a new model rural and forestry.

Click at, make life possible and sponsor one hectare 😉🌲

ÀrboresQueNonArden 💪🌱

The Emergency services use to remember that extinction does not solve the problem, as it is necessary to invest in prevention.

🌬🔥💥🌳 "Arbores que non arden. As mulleres na prevention de fires forestais" is a collective publication that brings together experiences of #activism ✊, daily work and teaching resources 📚 as well as #illustration and #poetry to make visibile the decisive role of #women in the framework of #fire prevention and forest management ⛰ in #Galicia and #Portugal.

Being a collective project, the Proxecto Batefogo team participate for the idea and documentation, several authors help with the texts, Cestola na Cachola with the illustration and Catro Ventos with the edition.

Support the project at and bring at home a small compendium of #wisdom to continue helping them to preserve #forests and #fauna 😉🌳

Seeds Revolution

For the 4th consecutive year, Reforest-Accion Network 🙌 carries out its mission as a non-profit association created in 2016 in response to the #fire 😞🔥 that in 2015 razed 8,600 hectares in Sierra de Gata.

What do they do? Something as simple and powerful as spreading seeds 🌱 so that life can return and establish itself with strength. ✊😊

They work planting trees and seeds, a lot of seeds. Recovering diversity, opening consciences and facilitating personal growth experiences through the care of nature.

If you love mother nature as much as she loves you, participate at and make their work possible to be continued! 🌱🌿🌳🌱🐛🐝🐞 ️

Happy summer start!

So, we leave it here for this time and we wish you a happy summer start. We hope you to keep on enjoying responsibly of lakes and mountains, while taking care of them 365 days a year. We will always be at your side 😊👍 with the mission of co-creating a positive Ecological Footprint and promoting a sustainable rural economy based on forest management adapted to a landscape ecology.

Until next time! 😉👋

In order for us to continue our work so that more civic initiatives take place


Our projects

#Rebrotem #Rebrotem

By: Rebrotem


Let's revive the Ribera d'Ebre and the areas affected by one of the largest fires in recent decades

€ 43.146 received

35 days Remaining

Árbores que non arden Árbores que non arden

By: Equipo Batefogo e Catro Ventos Editora


Publicación do libro colectivo «Árbores que non arden. As mulleres na prevención de incendios forestais». Unha idea do equipo Batefogo.

€ 2.646 received

32 days Remaining

Revolución de Semillas, 4ª Campaña de Reforestación en Sierra de Gata Revolución de Semillas, 4ª Campaña de Reforestación en Sierra de Gata

By: Asociación Reforest-Acción


Continuamos un año más reforestando. Este año enfocados en el trabajo con Semillas, Semillas para Futuros Bosques, Semillas para la Vida.

€ 2.410 received

19 days Remaining

Solidaridad con Xurde en Defensa del Lobo Solidaridad con Xurde en Defensa del Lobo

By: Fructuoso Pontigo


Necesitamos solidaridad con Xurde para pagar la multa por denunciar las matanzas de lobos en Asturias

€ 2.267 received

26 days Remaining

Climate Change Matters to us Climate Change Matters to us

By: What Matters


Ayúdanos a dar a los jóvenes la información y herramientas para que puedan luchar por un futuro

€ 640 received

3 days Remaining



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