21 February 2018: Inspiring changes ✊

Theese weeks a lot of running projects of ours are driving a bottom-up changes, from the citizenship, neighborhood...
Some examples are the Murcia neighbour's fight for the burying of the high-speed railway lines, the civil rights in Catalonia or the defense of firefighters as a public service.
Goteo was born to be a lever for change and we keep on with this :)

Warming up motors...all together!

Next Thursday, May, 1st projects of the matchfunding call Conjuntament will launch their campaigns. Projects are Barcelona based and related to social, care & sharing economy and the commons, they will have time until April, 9th to reach their minimum budget goals.

We leave you another selection of campaigns to support, all of them being fighter and deep-rooted in their communities. Power!

Collective Memory
A monument in memory of the facts of 78 sanfermines in Pamplona
Gogoan (En la memoria)
By: Sanfermines 78 gogoan!
Gogoan (En la memoria)
With this campaign we intend to collectively finance the creation of a monument in memory of the aggression suffered in Pamplona during the Sanfermines of 1978, a monument that will be placed in the vicinity of the Pamplona bullring. Iruñea already has a stele in memory of Germán, a young man murdered that July 8, and now we propose to erect a new sculptural work that expresses all that indiscriminate aggression, the pain of an entire city beaten with impunity by the Police. Any of the...
Co-financing: Minimum € 22.896 _ Optimum € 33.534
Remaining: 31 days
Basic health
To provide the Kumasi Assan Children's home orphanage with clinical material
Da Salud y Ghana
By: Diego Puente Ramos
Da Salud y Ghana
Categories: Social
"Da Salud y Ghana" is a project formed by two people committed to social change and solidarity. The project aims to supply clinical material at the Assan Children's Home of Kumasi in Ghana. This requires the collection of funds, material and clinical bibliography through techniques such as crownfunding, solidarity vermouths, raffles, benefit auctions and other contributions. The channels of diffusion will be mainly social media platforms like Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube...
Co-financing: Minimum € 5.730 _ Optimum € 8.730
Remaining: 11 days
Sustainable cheese factory
Turning a truck into a handcrafted cheese factory for a lower environmental impact
Obrador quesero para una granja familiar sostenible
By: Yas & Albert
Obrador quesero para una granja familiar sostenible
Categories: Ecological
We are, since 2015, an active farming family who is herding a flock of Latxa sheep within a natural environment situated between the Montseny Mountains and Les Guilleries (1.000 meters over sea-level). We work in an organic and sustainable way and the rhythm of our work is marked by the animal’s life cycle and conditioned by the seasons of the year and its impact on food availability. All the buildings (stable, tents for material and accommodation for volunteers) are functional and can...
Co-financing: Minimum € 10.000 _ Optimum € 15.400
Remaining: 32 days
Social Theatre
Theatre Festival of Oppressed in the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid
TOMA Teatro
By: Bajando al Sur y Meta-Comunica
TOMA Teatro
El [Festival TOMA Teatro ](http://toma-teatro.blogspot.com.es/)vuelve por tercer año consecutivo al barrio de Lavapiés para promover y difundir el Teatro de l@s Oprimid@s (TO) en Madrid. Como en ediciones anteriores, TOMA 2018 tendrá lugar en el mes de mayo, en los días del 22 al 27, para seguir apostando por la participación ciudadana a través del arte. El Festival TOMA Teatro es un encuentro de [Teatro de l@s Oprimid@s ](http://toma-teatro.blogspot.com.es/p/blog-page.html)que...
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.992 _ Optimum € 7.992
Remaining: 18 days
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