28 june 2017: Commons solstice

"Tech is neither destiny nor autonomous. Tech interacts with social institutions, institutional choices and laws"

With this phrase of Yochai Benkler, delivered during the opening speech of the Commons Collaborative Economies Forum, we welcome the summer; the best season of the year to cool down with Goteo! You can find us online, but in this newsletter we are going to present you some activities to keep us on track :)

Goteo at the Commons Collaborative Economies Forum

As we said, on 27th and 28th of June we are at the Commons Collaborative Economies Forum, which celebrates its 2nd edition in Barcelona (Barcelona Activa, c/Llacuna, 162-164). It is free and coordinated by the research group Dimmons (Institut Interdisciplinar d’Internet IN3) of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. The forum will focus around the collaborative economy of digital paltforms and about the importance of the citizens participation to promote commons models and democratize the economy. We encourage you to check the program here.

Are you interested in crowdfunding? Do you have initiatives to launch?

This Thursday 29th, from 16h to 20h, we organize a free workshop around Crowdfunding in the Artik Center Fab-Lab Palma of Palma de Mallorca. Come to learn how to fund your project collectively, discover the peculiar characteristics of the crowdfunding and know more about the vision and strategies of presential/offline dissemination...and much more! Sign up here


This week we will announce the projects selected in the matchfunding call META!Kultura 2017. These projects will receive, during the summer, free advice from Goteo and a group workshop during July. The Diputación of Guipuzkoa contributed with 70.000€ in this call, so it's a serious game!

New channel Slowfood Chile

We are happy to inform you that we have just created the Slowfood Chile Channel, an association aiming to showcase and protect food biodiversity, ecosystems and communities of producers growing it. Inside this new channel you can find projects related with a healthy, sustainable and traditional diet. 5 projects have been already published, so check them here.

And since this month we are celebrating a new summer and debating around new paradigmes, we give you a list of amazing projects to support. Let's draw, let's bloom and let's remix together!

Global solidarity
Travelling around the world for 18 solidarity causes
Los18.org - Travesía Solidaria Global - 500 años 1ª Vuelta al Mundo
By: Héctor García - Los18.org
Los18.org - Travesía Solidaria Global - 500 años 1ª Vuelta al Mundo
Categories: Social
En 1519, 265 marinos zarparon a dar la Primera Vuelta al Mundo. Solo llegaron 18. Ahora, 500 años después, vamos a dar otra vuelta al mundo, para reducir las desigualdades y hacerlo más sostenible. Los 18 marinos que llegaron pasaron a la historia, pero los que no llegaron son nuestra meta. Queremos ayudar a las personas desfavorecidas, a los que no lo han conseguido. Las historias que nos mueven son las de los que luchan y persiguen un sueño. Los18.org es historia, mar, agua, vida...
Co-financing: Minimum € 8.100 _ Optimum € 18.000
Remaining: 19 days
Education for everyone
A future for the education of boys and girls from disadvantaged families.
Categories: Social
Este proyecto pretende conseguir que 50 niños y niñas de la Casa Amiga (Federación de Mujeres de Sucumbios), un refugio para mujeres e infantes víctimas de violencia de género, puedan incorporarse a la escuela para retomar la normalidad de sus vidas. El Ministerio de Educación de Ecuador establece unos materiales obligatorios que cada niño y niña deben llevar según los diferentes niveles educativos, la suma de éstos supone un alto costo, superior a las capacidades económicas...
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.272 _ Optimum € 3.724
Remaining: 8 days
Nature and education
Play material and greening the courtyard for "El Submarí lila" education project.
Un parc, un pati, un espai per florir
By: Submarí Lila
Un parc, un pati, un espai per florir
Categories: Educational
The Submarí Lila, founded in 2008 by a group of educators and families in the Baix Camp region in Tarragona, is a project that promotes a respectful education. It currently offers pre-school and primary education. Constituted in 2013 as a Mixed Cooperative for Education, the Submarí Lila actually has 82 children and 154 partners. As a self-managed, non-profit making Cooperative, the school moved for the 2014-2015 academic year to El Milà (Alt Camp), and obtained, during the same year...
Co-financing: Minimum € 10.960 _ Optimum € 16.640
Remaining: 11 days
Activist Theatre
Performance merging poetry, music and theatre for questioning the border.
La poesía es mi manta
By: Araminta Ross
La poesía es mi manta
Categories: Cultural
La poesía es mi manta es un espectáculo narrado de forma coral por versos, melodías y piezas teatrales. Textos y ritmos de otros tiempos y territorios entrelazados con creaciones propias del ahora que cuestionan la noción de frontera en su dimensión más amplia, desde lo geográfico hacia lo cotidiano, revisando esa mirada del otro que cada quien guarda en sus esquemas. Así, poemas acompañados por música en vivo y escenas sonoras, componen los fragmentos de una obra que nace...
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.200 _ Optimum € 3.550
Remaining: 18 days
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